VR Development in Daimler Protics

VR Development in Daimler Protics


Daimler Protics (now it is Mercedes-Benz Tech Motion GmbH) is a subsidiary of Daimler AG that specialized in delivering the ultimate digital and virtual luxury experience within and around Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Detailed info

For my master thesis, I developed a VR project for the Virtual Engineering department. After finishing the project, I conducted private interviews with multiple Daimler experts regarding the user experience. The results of the interview were analyzed and presented both to the university and the company.

Platform:Standalone VR
Tools:Unity3D, SteamVR, Vive Pro, Hololens 1, Hololens 2, iClone 7, RealSense
Duration:6 months
Team size:2
Role:Programmer, UX Researcher

As the project is protected by NDA, I cannot share images or videos (even though it was really a cool project). Below are other projects that are developed by Daimler Protics.