Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformer

Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformer


Beat’em Up Arcade 2D Platformer collaborated with one of the most popular Indonesian influencer, Deddy Corbuzier. Developed using Unity3D for Android and iOS.

Platform: Android and iOS
Tools: Unity3D, MonoDevelop, SourceTree, Playmaker, PlatformerPro, Spine
Language: C#
Duration: 6 months
Team size: 10
Role: Game Programmer
Status: Released

Detailed info

I started worked on Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformer at the beginning of pre-production cycle, so I was actively contributing with the game’s mechanics direction to its development. I was one of three programmers on the project.

I was tasked to develop game mechanics such as main character movement control, enemy behavior, item interaction, gameplay states, Spine and sound integration. Character movement and platforming was developed with stripped-down and modified PlatformerPro. The enemy behavior mechanics was developed modularly using Playmaker plugin.

Fist of Rage: 2D Battle Platformer is currently in development and will be released on October 2017.