Battle Pals

Battle Pals


A funky skating and shooting action game about group of people fighting to retake their city from hordes of crazy and violent animated puppets. Developed using Unity3D for iOS platform with freemium business model.

Platform: iOS
Tools: Unity3D, MonoDevelop, SourceTree
Language: C#
Duration: 1 year and 4 months
Team size: 5
Role: Team Leader, Game Programmer, and Game Designer
Status: Canceled

Detailed info

Battle Pals was the first game that I created from the start and lead professionally. Developed by a compact team consist of one Game Programmer, one 3D Artist, one 2D Artist, one Art Director and QA, and I as a Team Leader, Game Programmer, and Mechanic Designer.

As a Team Leader, I’ve got to track the project’s progress and issues while facilitating meetings and discussion. I designed the game mechanics such as enemy behavior, stage design, gadget feature, equipment status, experience and gold distribution, class structure, and companion mechanics. I also had a role as Game Programmer which focused on gameplay code such as shooting mechanics, movement, legacy animation, enemy behavior, and stage configuration reader.

This project is my longest development project. While the development of this project is quite long, I didn’t always developing this project by that time. I’ve got to able to quickly shift focus if I needed in another project such as Almightree: The Last Dreamer (Steam) and Almightree: The Last Dreamer (Free).