Plantopia: Merge Garden

Plantopia: Merge Garden


Welcome to Plantopia!

The very first merge game where you can grow your own Dream Garden, and learn how to make organic products out of the plants you grow.

Platform:Android and iOS
Duration:12 months
Team size:14 + third parties

Detailed info

Voodoo wanted to expand its expertise from hyper-casual to casual games and Plantopia is the most casual title that they have. It is a merge 2 game that has no energy system with beautiful arts and global events every two weeks.

I took responsibility for many different gameplay features such as daily rewards and a time-based resource collection. I learned about unit tests, addressables, live ops, app monitoring, and it was the biggest code base that I have worked on. I worked closely with three other devs, three artists, and one tech-artists from different nationalities which made me improve my communication skills. At the time, I also onboarded and mentored an entry Unity programmer. I learned how to explain the big project that we had while ensuring that the new joiner was welcomed to the team.