Spooky Spirit: Endless Tap

Spooky Spirit: Endless Tap


Spooky spirit is hungry for souls! How many souls can you get?! Developed using Unity3D for Android and Phaser 3 for HTML5.

Play Now! HTML5 in github.io

Platform: Android and HTML5
Tools: Unity3D, MonoDevelop, Phaser 3, SourceTree
Language: C# and Javascript
Duration: 1 week
Team size: 2
Role: Game Programmer
Status: Released

Detailed info

This is one of the Hyper-casual game that I’ve worked on at Touchten Games. The target of the project is to create a super small scoped game within a week which I and one artist achieved.

I’ve also ported the game from Android to HTML5 using Phaser 3.