Hybrid Casual Development

Hybrid Casual Development


Voodoo.io is a mobile game developer and publisher based in Paris. The company was founded in 2013 and has been leading the free-to-play “hyper-casual games” ever since. In total, Voodoo’s games have been downloaded 6 billion times as of 2022. With over 300 million monthly active users, Voodoo is the #2 mobile publisher worldwide in terms of downloads after Google.

Detailed info

Platform:Android and iOS
Duration:6 months
Team size:14 + third parties

As a game publisher, Voodoo has a wide range of different hyper-casual games focusing on providing bite-sized fun (cores). The games usually have many standout ads which converted to very high early retentions while struggling to maintain later retentions. Our studio specialized in creating a higher layer of progressions (metas) that can be easily plugged into the cores to improve the later retentions.

I contributed to the development of base building, asynchronous PvP, and room renovation metas. Here I learned to design modular systems and client-server paradigms for the asynchronous PvP.

I led the hybridization of two hyper-casual games titled “Grass Reaper” and “Snow Speculator” where I managed the integration tasks and communicated them to stakeholders and other devs.